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With the raw, visceral emotion and soul-stirring sound he's known for, Dave Shoemaker is one of Appalachia's most unique and spellbinding artists. Hailing from the foothills of Eastern Kentucky, Shoemaker's writing was heavily influenced by the music bore in the mountains and the sonic discoveries of his youth. Featuring an underlying metal edge to his voice and a poetic tongue sharp as a knife, his style is an eclectic mix of genres ranging from folk and bluegrass to heavier influences all combined into a genre all his own.


Amplifying the impassioned nature of his songs, Shoemaker's live performance is an electric experience from first chord played to last note sang every time he steps on stage-he'll command attention with each stomp of his bare foot and word he bellows.


A very honest storyteller and deliberate songwriter, Shoemaker pens his songs shaped by the events of his life, showcasing immense honesty in his veracious transparency. From pain and hopelessness to love and happiness-every emotion, he tells it all.


Coming off the heels of his 2021 release, "Foreverything," detailing the evolution of a fairytale-esque love story tinged with tragic sadness, Shoemaker is steadily taking his plethora of songs and stories to venues big and small all around Kentucky and beyond while wowing audiences with his passionate performances.




"Southeastern Kentucky’s Dave Shoemaker has managed to capture all of this emotion with his newest single, “Foreverything” - a poetic testament that paints the reality of pure love and all of its power. A flourishing songwriter with deep lyrical prowess, Shoemaker cut his teeth on an eclectic line of musical genres, all of which have impacted his sound, along with a voice that is jaggedly soft, rising and falling with each word and verse" - Ryan Bush (The Amp)


"With an underlying metal edge to his voice and a poetic tongue sharp as a knife, Bell County Kentucky’s Dave Shoemaker is certainly an artist to watch in the next few years." - Lyssa Culberton (Hillbilly Hippie Music Review)



Direct support for and festival appearances with:

  • Mike Cooley of the Drive By Truckers

  • Sierra Ferrell

  • Lost Dog Street Band

  • Chris Knight

  • John R. Miller

  • Arlo McKinley

  • Charles Wesley Godwin

  • 49 Winchester

  • Morgan Wade

  • Tiffany Williams

  • Buffalo Wabs & The Price Hill Hustle

  • Cole Chaney

  • Justin Wells

  • Kelsey Waldon

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